Garden waste collections are changing
Published 15th February 2021
Brown bin with garden waste
From 1 April residents will need to have signed up for East Herts Council’s chargeable garden waste collection, if they wish to continue receiving collections of their brown bin.

East Herts Council have a new web portal meaning residents can quickly and easily sign up online. The cost of signing up for the year 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022 is £49. However, if residents sign up by direct debit before 22 March they can take advantage of an early bird discount and pay £45 for the year. 

The new service allows residents to ‘opt in’ for garden waste collections and residents can utilise their brown bins for grass and hedge cuttings, leaves, flowers, prunings, twigs, small branches and fallen fruit in a fortnightly collection. It also allows residents with larger gardens to opt for additional bins to manage their garden waste. 

Graham McAndrew, executive member for environmental sustainability, said: "Charging for garden waste collection is becoming the norm with over 60% of Councils now charging. It has been necessary for the Council to make this change to help us manage the financial challenge ahead. Alongside this service change, the focus going forward for our waste reduction campaign work will be on food waste prevention. Approximately 70% of the food waste from UK households that enters the residual waste stream is edible. We want to work with our residents, community champions and social influencers to significantly reduce the amount of food that is wasted. 

“Not only is this good for our resident’s purses, saving the average family of 4 approximately £60 a month by reducing their food waste* but it is also good for the environment. More information on our campaign will be released from the 1 March during National Food Waste Action Week." 

The quickest and easiest way to sign up is online, we want to ensure that our phone lines are left open for those residents who do not have internet access or are unable to sign up online. We are also encouraging those who wish to participate in the scheme to sign up online early to prevent any disruption to the continuation of their service and to ensure we have time to route collection vehicles. To find out more about the service including FAQs or to sign up visit: 

*Source: Love Food Hate Waste