East Herts launches new campaign to tackle food waste
Published 1st March 2021
Different types of coloured fruit with smiling faces on a white background and with Love Food Hate Waste hashtag in black writing and Greener East Herts and East Herts Council logos
East Herts Council has launched a new campaign today (Monday 1 March) to encourage residents to think about the food they waste as part of the first ever Food Waste Action Week.

Food Waste Action Week, which is organised by WRAP, a charity which as part of its work promotes food waste reduction, takes place from Monday 1 to Sunday 7 March. In East Herts, Food Waste Action Week kicks off a month of activity designed to help make wasting food a thing of the past.

Through its Facebook and Twitter accounts, the council will share knowledge and inspire changes in the way people think about food waste with practical tips on how residents can drive down the amount of food wasted, such as storing food better and home composting. 

Cllr Graham McAndrew said: Approximately 70% of the food waste from UK households that ends in the residual waste stream is edible. We want to work with our residents, community champions and social influencers to significantly reduce the amount of food that is wasted. 

“Not only is this good for our resident’s purses, saving the average family of four approximately £60 a month by reducing their food waste* but it is also good for the environment. Make sure you are following our Facebook, @EastHertsDC, and Twitter, @eastherts, accounts for tips on how to reduce your food waste, save money and be healthier.”

*Source: Love Food Hate Waste