Development Management Committee Meeting Postponed
Published 16th November 2021
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The meetings of the Development Management Committees of East Herts Council, due to take place on Tuesday 16 November at 5.30pm, and of Harlow Council, due to take place on Wednesday 17 November at 7pm, are POSTPONED.

This decision has been deemed appropriate due to extensive representations being received very late in the afternoon on Monday, 15 November 2021. These raise legal considerations from interested parties relating to the applications due to be heard at these committees.

The councils are required to give careful consideration to all representations received and will be taking time to consider the issues raised. East Herts will publish these representations on behalf of both councils on the East Herts online public access portal where they can be viewed in full.

We apologise to any members of the public who were due to attend or speak at the committee. 

The East Herts online public access portal for the applications can be viewed here:   using application references:

1.    Detailed planning application for alterations to the existing Fifth Avenue bridge (East Herts Council Reference 3/19/1046/FUL, Harlow Council Reference HW/CRB/19/00220);
2.    Detailed planning application for erection of a new road, pedestrian and cycle bridge (East Herts Council Reference 3/19/1051/FUL, Harlow Council Reference HW/CRB/19/00221) 
3.    Repair works and replacement white post and 3-rail balustrade to bridge at Land To The South And East Of Gilston Village And North Of River Stort Hertfordshire/Harlow (East Herts Council Reference 3/19/1049/LBC);