Play areas will reopen this week
Published 8th July 2020
Image of children's play area in park
Our play areas are ready to welcome you back. Across East Herts, we have been putting in place the necessary safety measures following the announcement issued by the government so that our play areas can be enjoyed by many during these warmer months.

With the latest government guidelines reviewed, we will begin opening our play areas today with a view that they will all be open by Saturday.

Please ensure that you Stay Alert while using our play areas, this includes:

  • limiting contact with other users
  • maintaining 2m distance where possible
  • washing/sanitising your hands before and after using the equipment
  • avoiding touching your face after touching the equipment

Children should be supervised carefully to maintain good hygiene and should not use playgrounds if they have any signs or symptoms of coronavirus.

Residents and visitors can visit our website to check the maximum capacity for each of our play areas in the district and further guidelines on how to stay safe.

We will continue regular safety inspections of our play areas. However, steam cleaning or disinfecting equipment is not an effective way of protecting users.  We cannot practically provide hand sanitiser at our play areas but strongly advise that you bring your own.

East Herts Council’s executive member for wellbeing, Eric Buckmaster, said: “The play areas reopening will be very welcome news for many of our residents, especially through the warmer summer months. I'm pleased that our risk assessments have allowed us to be prepared to reopen and I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage our residents and visitors to stay alert and to be considerate to others also using the play areas and equipment."