East Herts calls up COVID-19 marshals to support businesses and reassure residents
Published 11th November 2020
Red road sign with COVID-19 maintain social distance text in white
East Herts Council has introduced a team of Covid marshals to help local residents and businesses across the district follow national guidance and keep people safe.

The marshals will be out talking to residents and businesses across towns and high streets in East Herts in support of the government’s drive to make sure everyone understands the importance of keeping to national guidance. Information on the national regulations can be found on gov.uk
The aim is to help businesses comply with the regulations and iron out any confusion. At the same time, the marshals will be reminding the public of the importance of maintaining social distancing, wearing face masks and frequently sanitising or washing their hands. 
The marshals will work with the local town councils and the police to keep on top of any local issues that arise. 
Cllr Linda Haysey, Leader of East Herts Council, said: “Introducing local Covid marshals is a practical way in which the council can help residents and businesses understand and stick to the rules. 
“We know some people are still confused by the guidance so our Covid marshals will be out talking to people and reminding them of how they can best protect themselves, their loved ones and our whole community by maintaining social distancing, wearing face coverings and washing our hands. It is important we follow the guidance to stop the virus spreading but if you do need to go out, please keep yourself informed and follow the rules.
“Our Covid marshals can be easily identified by their hi-viz East Herts Council Covid Support tabards. They are there to help you so don’t be shy in asking them for information.”