Community urged to help shape county’s recovery
Published 8th July 2020
lady with a food produce delivery to the front door of a male in a wheelchair. Both people wearing face coverings.
Community leaders, groups and other representatives are being urged to complete an online survey to help shape Hertfordshire’s recovery from the impacts of coronavirus. 

The call comes from Hertfordshire’s local resilience forum (LRF), a countywide alliance of local authorities, NHS, emergency services, the local enterprise partnership and others supporting communities through the impacts of the pandemic.  

Getting a wide range of feedback is key to the county setting the right priorities for the weeks and months ahead as it begins its social and economic recovery.  Now the deadline for submitting responses has been extended to the end of July.

The LRF survey is open to responses covering the following categories:
-    Humanitarian
-    Health and wellbeing
-    Economic impact on businesses
-    Infrastructure 
-    Environmental 
-    Resourcing in commercial and public sector
-    Public sector and community service funding

The survey also asks organisations how they could support Hertfordshire’s recovery, and to highlight specific issues they think need to be tackled. The findings of the survey will then be used as a starting point to give community groups confidence and reassurance as the recovery work across the county begins.  

Cllr Linda Haysey, the LRF’s lead for community engagement, and East Herts Council leader, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the response of people and businesses in Hertfordshire to the pandemic.  Now we are cautiously moving into a new phase focussed on the recovery and rebuilding of our communities.

“It is hard to overstate the importance of us setting the right priorities for that journey.  That is why we are asking all our communities to help us – especially those who can sometimes be hidden, or who find it hard to make their voice heard.  To those people we are saying please take the time to go online and complete the survey.”  

To complete the survey, visit