Faster charging for electric vehicles in Hertford multi-storey
Published 31st January 2019
white and blue Electric vehicle charging
Drivers of electric vehicles will be able to get on their way faster with the installation of two new speedier chargers by East Herts Council on the ground floor of Gascoyne Way Multi Storey car park.

­­­­­­­The council is keen to help people switch to electric vehicles, so at the moment, drivers don't have to pay to use the chargers in Gascoyne Way car park, apart from paying the normal parking charges of course.

The council is aware that air quality is a problem around Gascoyne Way in the centre of Hertford and has declared it an Air Quality Management Area so as to co-ordinate everyone's efforts on tackling the issue.

Executive member for the environment Graham McAndrew said: "The council is keen to do what it can to encourage people to replace petrol and diesel cars with electric vehicles, benefitting the air quality in Hertford and beyond as well as everyone's health.



January 31 2019