Large Grant Application Form

Red asterisk denotes a required answer.

  • Current Eligibility
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Organisation
  • Project
  • Benefits to the wider community
  • Finances
  • Supporting documents
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In order for you to know whether you are eligible to apply for a grant from East Herts Council, please read the following eligibility requirements and confirm you have read and understood the conditions before continuing with the application.

You are not eligible if your project includes:

  • The sole aim of promoting a particular religion or a particular political belief
  • A service that the state is obligated to provide
  • A plot of land or building where ownership or a lease is not yet established
  • Purchase of items on behalf of another
  • A building project that has already started
  • A building project that will take longer than 12 months to complete
  • Purchase of medical equipment
  • VAT that can be recovered
  • Maintenance or minor repair work on buildings or spaces
  • Hardship where an organisation is in crisis

You are eligible if your organisation has/is the following:

  • A voluntary group with an agreed constitution or delivering on a not-for-profit basis
  • An open door membership policy and provide services that are accessible to people from all backgrounds. However to promote positive action, this criteria allows organisations who have an occupational requirement to recruit within a protected characteristic to do so, under Schedule 9 exceptions to the Equality Act 2010.
  • Good governance in place; at least 3 unrelated individuals on the management committee.
  • Financially viable with its own bank account that requires 2 unrelated people to authorise payments and make withdrawals
  • Obtained endorsement from the relevant East Herts Councillor
  • Able to complete the project within a year of grant being awarded

Based on your answer you will need supporting consent from the owner of the building/land and/or planning permission

Based on your answer you are stating that you are planning an activity or event.