Request for East Herts staff to volunteer at your organisation

East Herts Council is in the process of fully engaging its staff in being able to volunteer one day a year at a range of local East Herts organisations. These opportunities could take the form of a single day task for one staff member or a team of staff according to the size and offer of tasks that may be available to complete.

This has a number of benefits for both yourselves and East Herts Council:

  • Our staff can learn about the role of your organisation and contribute to it's work by completing tasks that you may not be able to start, complete, finish or need some extra help with
  • We can help you to achieve your organisation's goals and support your clients
  • Our staff can give something back to the community, enjoy the task and learn and develop as a team or individuals
  • We can offer you the support to recruit the volunteers and do the publicity for you

If you are interested in offering your organisation as a place where East Herts staff members can volunteer either individually or as a team please  fill in the Apply for East Herts staff volunteering opportunities form