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Meet Paul, whose work experience mix-up led to a 20 year career with East Herts.

What job do you do?

I am the Service Manager for Environmental Health, which in the “good old days” would have been called a Chief Environmental Health Officer. My work now is largely office based, but my team are out there on the front line protecting public health through a range of activities such as food inspections, housing inspections, nuisance investigations and a considerably wide range of other activities. It is likely that everyone reading this has had indirect involvement with someone from Environmental Health in their day to day lives but not realised it! While we monitor air pollution and deal with contaminated land, we are often confused with the Environment Agency who are a completely different organisation.

Why did you go into that area of work?

Things nearly turned out very differently for me. Back at school I was meant to do work experience with a pharmaceutical company, but at the last minute this fell through and I ended up with a placement at my local Council. During this time I become interested in the work of Environmental Health and the rest, as they say, is history! I studied for my A-Levels and went on to read Environmental Health at the University of Greenwich. 

What do you think of East Herts as an employer?

I still need to pay the mortgage, so I will be careful what I say here(!); but for me, professionally, one of the big reasons to stay with East Herts Council is its endless thirst to be bigger and better. Whether its adopting new polices to support sustainable development or growth and development of its staff, the Council has never shied away from challenges and strives to make the district a better place for everyone who lives, works or visits East Herts in everything it does. 

Staff, including myself, are given opportunities to take on new roles and responsibilities which keeps things interesting, and I’m given the autonomy to decide how best to deliver mine and my teams work. On a personal note, in my experience, the council and colleagues are all very inclusive and I feel East Herts is a safe place to work. While I am sure we are not on Stonewall’s “Top 100 Employers” list, we have a diverse team of individuals who bring a whole range of life experiences into the work we do. 

What are the benefits of working for East Herts? 

If you are looking to be a millionaire by the time you are 30, then East Herts Council is probably not the employer for you; however, if you are looking for a good work/life balance, the council offers competitive pay, when compared to other local authorities in the area, and offers a range of other, non-financial benefits. For me personally, I make use of the discounted gym membership, e-cars for business mileage (to save wear and tear on my car while also doing my bit for the environment), the range of wellbeing activities which are put on for employees from time to time, health checks and flexible working arrangements. I work compressed hours which means over a two week period I squeeze 10 days into 9, giving me a non-working day once a fortnight, which is great for getting involved in my son’s school routine which I would otherwise miss out on. 

Why should people join East Herts?

If you want to make a positive impact on the local community, work for an inclusive, high achieving employer and work for an organisation where the pay’s not bad, the people are great and you are empowered to work autonomy, then East Herts Council may be the place for you!