Meet the team

We asked a few members of the East Herts team to tell us a little more about working here. Take a look at their stories below.

Meet Samdecorative

I am a 47-year-old single transgender female (feels like a dating ad!) and I have three wonderful children. I transitioned in 2013 following a breakdown after being trapped in the wrong body. My last relationship breaking down caused me to move in the right direction and I haven’t looked back since. There are people that question and treat me unfairly by misgendering me, but it’s still a part of life people struggle to accept. Thankfully having a month dedicated to Pride allows people to recognise what the LGBT community faces.

What do you think of East Herts as an employer?

East Herts council is a fantastic place to work and all the staff are so friendly and never fail to stop for a chat. It is a very diverse, welcoming and accepting employer and when I recently had a hate incident with a member of the public, they moved heaven and earth to protect me and deal with the situation. I believe I am a valued member of the team and entrusted to just get on with my job.

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Meet Pauldecorative

My work experience mix-up led to a 20-year career with East Herts.
I’m the wrong side of forty, but the right side of fifty(!), living with my husband and son just over the border in Essex. I firmly believe every day is a ‘school-day’ because there is always something new to learn; though I discovered during lockdown that I wasn’t meant to be a primary school teacher! Outside of work I enjoy escapism through books, theatre or film, along with enjoying going to the gym, practicing yoga, running, hiking and gardening. 

What attracted you to work at East Herts?

To be honest, the paid training placement and location of the offices attracted me to East Herts Council. But having worked here now for nearly 20 years, I can honestly say it is a great place to work and I feel honoured to be part of the council. We are not a large organisation, so you know most people across the different teams, which not only makes working here easier, it also plays a big part on your social life as well. I’ve made friends here who I still keep in contact even though they have left the organisation.

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Meet Mekholadecorative

My journey from volunteering in remote Indian villages inspired my career with East Herts promoting equality, diversity and community wellbeing.
I was born in India and came to this country after I got married. I am a mother of two boys and have two grandchildren. I live in Hertfordshire. I have been working in the public sector for over 30 years. 

Why should people join East Herts?

I have never regretted my decision to join East Herts. I love working for the organisation – that says it all. I love the fact that the East Herts community is at the heart of what the council does. I have delivered a number of successful projects and received a number of awards.  Once I deliver the Cultural Strategy, I know there will be another new area/s that I will be involved with – probably completely new and unique. That is East Herts Council for you - never short of new opportunities and ideas to benefit its residents. 

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Meet AlexAlex Cook - decorative

What do you think of East Herts as an employer?

My observations of East Herts as an employer on the whole are positive. I feel accepted and valued in my role and I can honestly say I take pride in my work. After spending some time learning on the job, I was recently given the opportunity to progress in my career. As customer services manager, I now oversee a team of 16 people and am excited to be at the forefront of the council’s transformation programme as we work to further improve how people can interact with us.

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