Home Insulation Grants

The grant scheme is open to all homeowners in East Herts District.

If you've been excluded from subsidised schemes because you used lofts for storage or have presence of narrow wall cavities, it's worth considering applying.

The council can help towards the cost of home insulation by providing a

  • 50% grant of up to £200 towards loft insulation works which provides 270mm depth loft insulation and
  • 50% grant of up to £300 towards the cost of cavity wall insulation

Loft and cavity wall insulation are very important and have some of the fastest paybacks of any home insulation measure.

Insulated homes

  • Help reduce energy costs significantly
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduce risk of climate change

Loft Insulation

  • Typically effective for 40 years
  • 270mm ( 10.5") is the recommended current standard
  • Typical cost approx £350, payback around 2 years
  • A fully insulated loft can save 730kg CO2 per year
  • Figures from Energy Saving Trust, based on 44m­2 average loft

Cavity Wall Insulation

  • Typical cost around £550, usual payback around 4 years
  • Insulated walls can save 560kg CO2 per year
  • Figures from Energy Saving Trust, based on UK average 3 bed semi house

To apply for a Home Insulation Grant please see the use the following Home Insulation Grants Form