Hertfordshire Warmer Homes Scheme

Hertfordshire Warmer Homes is a new scheme that provides free or discounted household improvements to help vulnerable residents stay warm in their homes. It is a partnership operated by all the 10 Hertfordshire district and borough councils as well as the County Council.

The Hertfordshire Warmer Homes scheme aims to make homes easier and cheaper to heat by offering free or discounted energy efficiency measures, such as insulation and heating repair, or fuel switching advice to low-income and vulnerable households. This will reduce health problems and can prevent deaths in very vulnerable people.

The Hertfordshire Warmer Homes scheme is managed by Herts County Council on behalf of East Herts Council, using funding from the national Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and local authority contributions. It will run to 31 October 2019. Further information can be found via the Housing and Health section of the Hertfordshire County Council website.