General Election 2019

A Parliamentary general election was held on Thursday 12th December 2019.

Election Results

Poling stations were open from 7am-10pm.  The results published on our General Elections 2019 Result page.

Elections in East Herts

East Hertfordshire is divided into 3 Parliamentary constituencies for Parliamentary elections– Hertford and Stortford, North East Hertfordshire and Stevenage.

We administer the election for Hertford and Stortford and ‘give away’ to North Hertfordshire District Council and Stevenage Borough Council for the other two constituencies. We will still process all the registration/postal/proxy forms for the whole of East Hertfordshire.

Please see the following Notice of Election - Hertford and Stortford Parliamentary for full details.  Poll cards will be issued to all eligible registered electors as soon as possible. If you do not receive a poll card it may mean you are not registered or not eligible. To check if you are eligible or to register go online via the Gov.UK website. 

For details of candidates etc for the areas of North East Herts & Stevenage, please see the following links.

  • The Acting Returning Officer for North East Herts Council will send out postal ballot papers to electors that fall under the North East Hertfordshire Constituency 
  • Stevenage Council will issue the postal ballot papers that come under their area.

These two councils will also deal with any replacements for lost and spoilt as the Acting Returning Officer for East Herts Council is only responsible for the Hertford and Stortford constituency.

If you unsure of which Westminster constituency your address sits under, please see the Ordnance Survey's website. 

Please see the following link for previous General election result for Hertford and Stortford constituency in 2017.

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