Elections 2023

District and Parish/Town Council Elections were held on Thursday 4th May 2023.

Elections for East Hertfordshire District Councillors were held on the new ward boundaries set by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England. In total, the election was for 50 councillors across 26 wards.

Due to new Government legislation, voters will have to show photographic ID to vote at a polling station in all elections from the 4th May 2023.

Please see Voter ID requirement.

If you are already on the electoral register at your current address, you do not have to re-register for each election. Please ring 01279 655 261 to check.

Poll cards will be delivered to all registered electors prior to the elections.  The poll card design has changed this year. The poll card will tell you where your polling station will be if you vote in person. It will also include a list of acceptable forms of photographic ID.

Future elections

To vote by post in future elections, you must be a registered voter and complete the Postal Vote Application.  You can have a postal vote for one election or for all future elections.  If you chose all future elections, you will not need to register each time.

Once we have received your postal vote form we capture your date of birth and signature as personal identifiers of you to prevent fraud. We legally have to seek a fresh signature every 5 years as peoples' signatures change over time. We always confirm that we have received and set up your postal vote arrangements.

Postal votes are always sent out about 2-3 weeks before polling day and we will post you a postal poll card saying when you will receive your ballot paper.

Completed application forms must be returned via email electors@eastherts.gov.uk.   Alternatively, you can print out and send on to our Hertford offices.  Details of this can be found on our contact us page.  We may be able to send you an application form in the post if required.

Your application form must be with us by 5pm 11 working days before an election. No Voter ID is required if you vote by post. 


Due to a ward boundary review the names of the District Wards and number of councillors to be elected are as follows.



Ward Name

Number of Councillors
Aston, Datchworth & Walkern 2
Bishop’s Stortford All Saints 2
Bishop’s Stortford Central 2
Bishop’s Stortford North 3
Bishop’s Stortford Parsonage 2
Bishop’s Stortford South 2
Bishop’s Stortford Thorley Manor 3
Braughing & Standon 2
Buntingford 3
Great Amwell & Stanstead Abbots 2
Hertford Bengeo     3
Hertford Castle     2
Hertford Heath & Brickendon  1
Hertford Kingsmead 3
Hertford Rural 1
Hertford Sele     2
Hunsdon     1
Little Hadham & The Pelhams 1
Much Hadham 1
Sawbridgeworth 3
The Mundens  1
Ware Priory 2
Ware Rural 1
Ware St Mary’s 2
Ware Trinity 2
Watton-at-Stone  1

Please contact the Electoral Services team if you have any questions - please call on 01279 655 261 or email: electors@eastherts.gov.uk.