Disability Reduction online form

You may be able to get your bill reduced if your home has certain features which are essential, or of major importance, to the well-being of a person with a disability, whether an adult or child, who is resident in the dwelling.

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Contact Details of liable person


Name of persons with the disability (this can also be a child)

Please outline the nature of disability

Grounds for Application

Is there any of the following within your household?
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In assessing this application, the Authority will need to be satisfied:
  • 1(a) that there is a disabled resident who needs either space for a wheelchair (and the wheelchair must be required and used in the house) or a special or additional kitchen, bathroom or other room; and
  • 1(b) that space or room is essential or of major importance to the well-being of the disabled resident because of the nature and extent of his disability
  • 2. A personal visit will be made to every dwelling where an application for Council Tax for disabilities is received. An appointment will be made for this visit
  • 3. You will be required to confirm continued entitlement to this relief each year. Please note: Failing to supply this information could result in a penalty of £70 being applied to your account for each year of the failure to notify.
  • Name & Relationship of Person completing the form

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