Coronavirus and parking

Following our decision to suspend parking charges at the end of March, parking charges and on-street parking enforcement will be reintroduced from Monday 29 June 2020.

Keeping staff and residents safe

We have carried out risk assessments in our car parks and put in safety measures where necessary.

Please try to keep a safe distance from other customers when purchasing your parking session.

We have increased the frequency of cleaning the machines but we would encourage motorists to pay by phone wherever possible.

Please treat our enforcement officers with respect. They are in the car parks to give advice and assist the public with any queries as well as encouraging adherence to social distancing guidelines.

Parking - FAQs

Why are parking charges and enforcement being re-introduced?

Following government guidance, lockdown measures are gradually being relaxed. In order to manage supply and demand of our car parks effectively and to ensure that the increased demand can be met, it is necessary to reintroduce car park charges and on-street enforcement in order to better manage car park spaces.

I am a key worker. Can I still park for free?

Since the introduction of the Covid-19 lockdown, the government has introduced temporary provision to assist critical key workers, NHS staff, voluntary staff and other health and social workers. In order to see if you are eligible for a permit and how to obtain one please visit the website.

Are the car park machines safe to use?

We are cleaning machines on a regular basis but it is impractical for public surfaces in our car parks to be cleaned each time they are touched. We recommend you use the same caution as you would when using bank ATM machines or touching door handles etc. Contactless payment is offered in our car parks. You can also pay using your mobile phone, to register please visit the pay by phone website or download the mobile app and follow the set up instructions. Alternatively you can call 0800 546 0601 and quote the location code which can be found on the tariff signs in the car park.

I am a key supermarket worker, am I entitled to park in the car parks for free?

East Herts Council is following the government guidance, in order to see if you are eligible for a permit and how to obtain one please visit the website.

A lot of people are at home so why are parking enforcement officers still working?

Parking and traffic management is an important public service which provides benefits to everyone. These benefits include maintaining road safety, access to jobs, goods and services. The Covid-19 situation is an evolving situation which means that we all need to respond to changing demands and priorities by keeping roads clear of obstruction for our emergency services, delivery vehicles and the most vulnerable. Our enforcement officers are also available to help users park safely in our car parks and should be treated respectfully.