Please do not present side waste with your black refuse bin. Our contractor will NOT take it. We would also ask that you maintain social distancing with our crews as they go about their work for their safety and yours.

Coronavirus and Bin Collections

Updates on what is happening with our bins, waste and recycling services and information on how to deal with waste from someone who has a suspected or confirmed case of Coronavirus.

Black Bin Collections

Your black bin (waste) collections are continuing as normal. Please continue to ensure that your bin is at the property boundary by 7am on your normal collection day.

Blue Recycling Bin Collections 

Your recycling collections (blue bins/boxes) are continuing as normal. Please continue to ensure that your bin is at the property boundary by 7am on your normal collection day.

Brown Garden Waste Bin Collections

Brown bin collections for garden and food waste resumed from Monday 11 May. Please continue to ensure that your bin is at the property boundary by 7am on your normal collection day.

FAQs about the restarting of brown bin collections

Can I leave extra garden waste out with my bin?

Crews cannot collect waste from around your bin - it must all be stored in your brown bin.

We understand that you will have more waste than usual and we encourage you to keep composting where you can.

Try not to jam your bin too full. The waste is then more likely to get stuck and the crews may struggle to empty it fully, if at all.

Why can collections happen now when they couldn't before?

At the start of the coronavirus outbreak, we had to change the way our crews worked. This was to ensure we could manage staff shortages, keep our crews safe, and continue with priority collections.

Thanks to the dedication of our crews, they have settled well into their new way of working. We are also seeing staffing levels improve. This has meant we've been able to maintain regular priority collections and will enable us to restart brown bin collections.

I did not realise the service had restarted?

We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused. We announced the restart of the service on the 1st of May to give as much time as possible before collections restarted on the 11th of May. This included press releases to local media. We have promoted the restart of the service via the Councils website and social media accounts, to share the information as widely as possible. We are also aware that residents have been sharing this information on other local interest social media pages. It is just not possible for us to reach everyone directly, for which we apologise. If this means you have missed your collection of garden waste, then we are sorry we cannot ask our crews to return. We are still working with a reduced number of staff which, means they are already under pressure to finished their scheduled work, we are not able to divert them back to bins that were not presented when they came to collect. Please continue to home compost until your next scheduled collection.

My bin has been rejected because it is too heavy?

Sometimes the crew will come across a bin which they deem to be too heavy for the lifting equipment, this is a judgement they make at the time, based on the experience of handling thousands on bins a week. A bin that has been overly compacted and filled with heavy material is likely to snap when loaded on to the lifting equipment and this poses a serious threat to the crews and the public should the bin fall. For this reason we would ask you to lessen the weight of the bin for your next scheduled collection, our crews will not be able to return for bins that have been marked as too heavy to lift.

We still do have some staff shortages so please bear with us if collections take longer than usual.

Why are you restarting collections on a Monday?

We stopped collections on Monday 30 March and we wanted to be fair to those people who missed collections that week by restarting on the same day.

Will you suspend this service again?

We are working really hard to continue to deliver as many local services as possible. Services may continue to be disrupted as government advice changes and we will do our best to give you as much notice as possible. Please continue to check our website for updates or follow us on social media by liking @EastHertsDC on Facebook and following @EastHerts on Twitter.

Waste from people self-isolating

If you're self isolating due to suspected or confirmed Coronavirus, please take the following steps:

  1. Place all contaminated waste (such as tissues) in a bag and seal securely
  2. Place this bag in another bag an tie securely
  3. Store the bag away from other waste and recycling for three days and then place in your general waste as normal

Bulky Waste Collections

We have now been able to resume taking bookings for bulky waste collections.