Please do not present side waste with your black refuse bin. Our contractor will NOT take it.

We would also ask that you do not engage with our crews as they go about their work, they are out providing a service and need to maintain a two metre distance from the public at all times, for their safety and yours. #StayHomeStaySafe!

Coronavirus and Bin Collections

Updates on what is happening with our bins, waste and recycling services and information on how to deal with waste from someone who has a suspected or confirmed case of Coronavirus.

Black Bin Collections

Your black bin (waste) collections are continuing as normal. Please continue to ensure that your bin is at the property boundary by 7am on your normal collection day.

Blue Recycling Bin Collections 

Your recycling collections (blue bins/boxes) are continuing as normal. Please continue to ensure that your bin is at the property boundary by 7am on your normal collection day.

Brown Garden Waste Bin Collections

To prioritise the essential collections of your refuse and recycling bins, we have taken the difficult decision from Monday 30 March to suspend the collection of your brown garden waste bin.

For the foreseeable future, please can you now place all food waste in your black bin for collection.

FAQs about the suspension of brown bin collections

We understand your frustration with the suspended collections. Please avoid calling us about this. Call volumes are higher than usual, and we urgently need to free up phone lines so we can support the many vulnerable people in our community. Your understanding is appreciated. 

Why have you chosen to suspend the brown bin service?

We have made the difficult decision to suspend garden and food waste collections. This is necessary in order for us to continue to complete refuse and recycling collections. The levels of staff we have available have been affected by the coronavirus and we are anticipating this will get worse in the coming weeks. We are therefore asking that you place food waste into your black bin for collection and encourage you home compost any garden waste you may generate at this time. 

Why were we not given any notice of this?

We apologise for the short notice. However, we have had to make this decision due to staffing issues because of the current evolving COVID-19 situation. We currently have staff shortages on the front line and anticipate that these will increase in the coming weeks. We simply do not believe we will have enough staff over the next two weeks to have kept the service running.

If food waste goes in the black bin, it goes to landfill. Will it compost down anyway?

Yes, your food waste will break down in landfill, we would prefer to send as little food waste as possible to landfill so would encourage you to try and reduce food waste by visiting the love food hate waste website.

Our brown bin is full and due to be emptied next week. Will it still be emptied as we’ve been using it for a week and a half?

Unfortunately, your brown bin will not be emptied from Monday 30 March. If you have food waste you wish to dispose of, this can be transferred into your black bin.

What about food waste already in brown bins?

Food waste can be placed in the black bin for collection.

Is the recycling bin is still being collected?

Yes, please continue to present your blue lidded bin on your recycling collection day.

A lot of people are now spending time in their garden, what do we do with our garden waste?

We would encourage you to consider home composting any garden waste you have. Your black bin should be used for your food waste and other non-recyclable waste. You may find you are naturally generating more waste for your black bin as a result of social distancing measures and we would prefer you to prioritise this waste over garden waste. However if you have space in your black bin then garden waste can be included. 

How can I reduce the food waste that has to now go into my black bin?

To reduce food waste and ensure you are getting the most from what you are purchasing, consider making a meal plan and a use this to write a shopping list. Check what you have in  your fridge and cupboards before you go shopping, note which foods need using first and remember “best before” is not an expiry date. For more information on reducing your food waste and ideas for using up leftovers visit love food hate waste website.

Can I put additional waste out with my black or blue lidded bin?

No. Crews will not clear side waste. We appreciate we are in unprecedented times and you may generate more waste than normal, however we would encourage you to prioritise waste that needs to be removed such as food waste in your black bin.  We ask that you continue to squash and crush your recyclable waste to ensure you make use of all the space in your blue lidded bin. 

Without the refuse collection tips being open isn’t this going to increase flytipping?

We apologise for the short notice. However, we have had to make this decision due to staffing issues because of the current COVID-19 situation. Flytipping is an offence and offenders will be prosecuted.

Can't you just empty the brown bins at the same time as the black bins for the first collection?

Unfortunately, this would require just as many vehicles and staff as a separate collection would need. We are prioritising collections because of a shortage of staff as a result of the COVID-19 situation.

When will you restart brown bin collections?

Collections have been suspended for the foreseeable future. This is to ensure that we have enough staff to maintain essential refuse and recycling collections. At this point in time we unable to say when brown bin collections will restart. We would ask that you continue to monitor the council website for updates as other collection services maybe affected in the future as the situation continues. 

Will you have to suspend other collection services?

There is a possibility that other collection services will be affected. We will be working with our contractor Urbaser to ensure we are able to maintain as many collections as possible, but this is all contingent on having staff available to make collections. Please continue to check the council’s website as we continue to update you as things change. 

What about people who don’t have access to the internet how will they know?

We are asking that people in the community to please inform elderly neighbours, or others who might not have access to the internet, of this service change.

We have also notified local press and radio stations.

Waste from people self-isolating

If you're self isolating due to suspected or confirmed Coronavirus, please take the following steps:

  1. Place all contaminated waste (such as tissues) in a bag and seal securely
  2. Place this bag in another bag an tie securely
  3. Store the bag away from other waste and recycling for three days and then place in your general waste as normal

Bulky Waste Collections

To ensure we can prioritise kerbside refuse collections we have taken the decision to temporarily suspend all household bulky waste collections. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

All bulky waste collections already booked will still take place.