Social Prescribing Service

Residents who may be feeling lonely, isolated, experiencing high anxiety and/or living with depression and who have been referred via their GP/Health Professional can receive the support of the East Herts Social Prescribing Service (EHSPS).

Keeping physically and mentally healthy is an aspiration of East Herts for all our residents. East Herts Social Prescribing Service (EHSPS) is actively working with other organisations to provide a variety of useful support for people with social, emotional or practical needs that can be helped by non-clinical services.

Our Social Prescribing Officer will make contact with referred residents to discuss and jointly agree a range of options/actions that may help. This could include signposting referrals to appropriate local community groups offering a wide range of socially engaging activities. Where possible help with transport to/from a venue may be arranged. Around 10-12 weeks later a 'follow-up' appointment is made to see if any further support can be offered.

EHSPS was launched in January 2018 and has already supported over 200 vulnerable, anxious, depressed and/or isolated residents who have been referred to our service by Health professionals

We shall be looking at developing and supporting 'drop-in' Healthy Social Hubs in several East Herts locations. We also recognise that our EHSPS support should not be restricted just to the elderly. For example we recognise that younger people can suffer from depression and isolation, possibly being exacerbated by the newish phenomenon known as 'social media addiction'.

If you or you know someone who may benefit from EHSPS support then please speak to your GP and request a referral.  For more information, please see our East Herts Social Prescribing Service Leaflet [1MB]  and the The East Herts Social Prescribing Service