Funding round for large grants is now closed. This is scheduled to reopen in the autumn. Applications for small grants are welcome.

Note that the council will not be funding social gatherings until the period of social distancing has been complete

Funding for Community Organisations and Individuals

The process to apply for a small grant is operating as normal (see below).
Applications should aim to create stronger, more connected communities, leading to improved health and wellbeing for residents in East Herts.
Note that the Council will not be funding social gatherings until after the period of social distancing and self-isolation has ended.

Our priorities remain the same for the year. However, due to the existing public health crisis the priorities for small grants are now temporarily focused on:

Community issues:

  • Tackle social isolation and support residents experiencing loneliness or those who find it difficult to interact with the community
  • Provision of a solution to an identified community, health or environmental issue
  • Use the assets and strengths of the area you live in to create a new approach to an issue

Health for all:

  • Use technology to assist those living with long-term conditions to help with independent living

Our other priorities can be found in Appendix 1 of the Grants Policy. You can also find information here about eligibility and details on how we assess your application. Any bids for Covid-19 related support must work in accordance with up-to-date government guidance.

There are three types of grants:

Small Grants - £100- £300. Now open.

Applications are accepted any time. Individuals and groups without a constitution can apply alongside charities and constituted community organisations.

To apply click HERE

To be eligible, applicants will need to discuss their idea with their local East Herts Councillor (who represents the area from which most the beneficiaries come) and convince the Councillor to sponsor them and act as a mentor.

If the Councillor agrees to this, he or she must complete and submit a separate Mentor Statement, which can be found on the Members intranet page. Please note members of the public will be unable to access this page.

All requests for a grant must be made on a Small Grants Application and emailed to

Matchfunding for local Crowdfunding campaigns

Grants of up to a maximum of 50% of the total funding needed or £2,000 whichever is lesser. Applications must be submitted 4 to 6 months before campaign goes live.

Applications in disadvantaged areas of the district are considered a priority.  Further details about criteria are available in the Grants Policy.  An application will shortly be posted on the new Hertfordshire Community Innovation Fund

Applications must have an endorsement from an East Herts Councillor, who represents the area from which most of the beneficiaries will come. 

Before completing your application

Interested applicants must speak to the Grants Officer Claire Pullen on 01992531459 or email before submitting an application.  

Large Grants - £301 - £8,000. Closed. The next funding round is scheduled to open in the autumn.

Maximum grant for organisational/delivery costs is £3,000.  Maximum grant for building improvement projects is £8,000.

Applicants must have an endorsement from an East Herts Councillor, who represents the area where most of the beneficiaries are from. 

East Herts Lottery Funding

We encourage community groups to raise funds in other ways such as the new East Herts Lottery. When people buy tickets from your page, your organisations will keep 50p out of every £1 spent. Depending on the level of involvement of your supporters, the more tickets bought the more you will raise.  For further information, please see our East Herts Lottery Fundraising page

Section 106 funding for projects in East Herts

A Section 106 (Sec106) is a legal agreement made under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, signed by the Council and developers that sets out what financial contributions will be paid and what additional, non-financial obligations are required as part of a planning consent for a development.  This in turn, can provide funding for projects and activities across the District.  For more information, please see our Section 106 page

Please see the external funding page for a wealth of other  potential funding sources.

Council subsidies to local community groups and charities

Every year, the council invites applications from East Herts not-for-profit organisations for mandatory and discretionary rate relief for the year ahead.  Where the ratepayer is a charity or trustees for a charity, there is an entitlement to 80% mandatory relief. Mandatory relief is also given to Community Amateur Sports clubs (CASC), and non-profit making societies. The council has the discretion to give a further 20% to these organisations bringing total relief to 100%.  For more information please call the business rates team 01279 655261 ext 7223.