Assets of Community Value - Assets for Sale

This page will provide details of any asset of community value in East Herts which is to be disposed of (e.g. sale or long-term lease). These assets will remain listed on this page during the initial 6 week moratorium period.

Current assets for disposal

  • Section of land at Ware Park, Wadesmill Road, Hertford: Restricted Byway and footpath

This site has been identified as an Asset of Community Value, and added to the register of Assets of Community Value administered by East Herts District Council (EHDC).

On 2nd October 2019 the landowner notified EHDC of their intention to dispose of a section of this site. As the asset is a public highway, the sale of land can only be in respect of the subsoil.

The landowner’s notification of the disposal has triggered the initial six week moratorium period (exemptions notwithstanding), commencing on the day the landowner confirmed their intentions

During this period community groups may request in writing to be treated as a potential bidder for the asset, notifying both the landowner and EHDC. If such a request is received in writing this will bring the full six month moratorium period into force.

Any potential community group bidder is therefore requested to contact EHDC regarding the above and to visit our website for full details on how to request to bid and the access the 'Request to Bid' Form.

The interim moratorium period will run from 2nd October 2019 to 12th November 2019 inclusive and any requests to bid must be received within this period. The full moratorium period (if triggered) would run for six months from 2nd October 2019.


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