Community Toilet Scheme

The Community Toilet Scheme enables local businesses to work together with the council to provide cleaner, safer and more accessible toilets in more convenient locations for residents and visitors to the town centres of East Herts.

Under the scheme, local businesses like pubs, restaurants, shops and supermarkets let members of the public use their toilet facilities free of charge during normal opening hours. Several of the premises offer wheelchair access and baby changing facilities.

How does the Community Toilet Scheme work?

The council and selected local businesses sign an agreement to allow the public to use their toilets during normal opening hours and without the need to make a purchase. Scheme members are paid a small annual fee depending on the facilities they have.

The scheme is designed to save money, increase choice and improve toilet provision for residents and visitors to the town centres of East Herts.

Street Signs 

Street Signs indicate the name, facilities and direction of the participating Community Toilet Scheme businesses.

Window Signs

Participating Community Toilet Scheme members display signs in their windows to identify the type of facilities available.

Community toilet scheme written in a circle with green East Herts Council logo and 3 toilet symbols (accessible, men/women and baby change)
This is the Community Toilet Scheme window sign

Expected Standards and Inspection regime:

All businesses signing up to the Community Toilet Scheme agree to maintain their toilets in a clean and hygienic condition, with adequate toilet rolls, soap and hand dryers / hand towels.

The council will undertake regular inspections of all toilets provided under the scheme. In addition, there may be random "spot checks" at the council's discretion to ensure required standards are being maintained.

East Herts Council encourages all local businesses to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) and will endeavour to find businesses who are DDA compliant to increase toilet provision for everyone.

How to join the scheme:

Membership is subject to area need, types of facilities and other factors and is not automatic. Businesses interested in joining the scheme should contact the Council.

Contact us:

If you have any questions about the Community Toilet Scheme please contact us by telephone: 01279 655261 and ask for Operations, or write to:

Community Toilet Scheme
East Herts Council
Pegs lane
SG13 8EQ