Large Grants Guidelines and Application

Funding for Individuals and Organisations - Maximum grant is £5,000.

This scheme is now closed for applications 

Before you begin please read all the guidelines. The form must be completed in one go and cannot be saved so please make sure you have all the relevant information. Please read the guidelines and how to apply for advice on how to prepare and the supporting evidence you will need before you start.

You will need to prepare the following prior to starting your application:

  • Read the Council's Discretionary Community Grants Policy before you start completing the application. We recommend also having this open while filling out your application as you will need to refer to it
  • Have to hand the details of any other grant making organisations that you have contacted (if applicable)
  • Make a note of your charity commission number if you are a registered charity
  • Prepare your supporting documents in advance so you can easily attach them to your application. These can be viewed in 'how to apply'
  • Have available a breakdown of all the costs associated with your project.

Additional information

  • All requests for a grant must be made on the official grants application form. The form should be completed by the person or group requesting the grant.
  • All applications must be accompanied by an endorsement (a written statement of support) by an East Herts District Councillor who represents the area from which most of your beneficiaries, members, clients come. You can identify who your local East Herts Councillor is by clicking on the following link Find Your Councillor

You are advised to

  • discuss your idea with the Council's Grants Officer, before submitting an application. Contact details are: or 01992 531459.
  • Attend an online Grants information and Advice workshop

You must submit the following supporting documents:

  • Obtain a written endorsement from the appropriate East Herts Councillor He or she must provide you with a written statement of support which must be attached as a supporting document to your application.  Applications which do not include an endorsement from an East Herts Councillor will be rejected
  • East Herts Councillor endorsement
  • Your charity commission number or your Constitution/set of rules (This can be attachment or link)
  • Bank statement showing current balance
  • Two estimates or quotes for building works. Two quotes are required for each large item of equipment over £1000 (if applicable)
  • Evidence of planning permission (if applicable)
  • Evidence that owner of building or space has approved any building work (if applicable)
  • Evidence that you have checked that planning permission from the council is not required (if applicable)
  • Any other documents to evidence the need or interest in your project by potential beneficiaries

Hints and Tips

Read how we score your application in the Grants Policy.   Tell us as much as you can about you/your group, and your idea. A well-evidenced  application will allow us to make an informed decision and provide us with an understanding of what you'd like to achieve.

Your application should include:

  • Why you want to undertake the activity/project
  • what and who it will involve
  • how it will benefit  East Herts residents
  • What difference will it make to at least one of the Council’s grant priorities
  • An explanation of how you know there is a need for your project and a description of the consultation with your members or the wider community
  • A breakdown of all the costs and what you want us to pay for
  • How you plan to raise the balance of the funds required if you need more than we can award (maximum £5,000)
  • Your experience in organising activities or projects in the community


  • Your application will be checked to determine if it is complete and eligible
  • Applications proposing projects in geographic areas of disadvantage will be considered first
  • It will be scored on its own merit according to agreed criteria listed in the Grants Policy and ranked against other applications
  • Only applications that reach the 50% score threshold are eligible for a grant.  Lower scoring applications may be funded subject to certain conditions
  • A decision on your application will be provided 8 to 10 weeks after the advertised deadline.
  • If the budget is oversubscribed, the Council may decide to part fund applications
  • Grants will be paid up front subject to receiving evidence that the project is going ahead as agreed.

Note:  if you are successful, you may be asked to provide a copy of your:

•    Safeguarding policy (if your organisation works with children or vulnerable adults) and your Health and Safety policy (if you are proposing an event)