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#ManUpMenDoCry - watch our short film about male mental health

Society has told men that is isn't cool to show your emotions, it's OK to show when you're happy but never when you're sad. It's believed men should always maintain a stiff upper lip.

But bottling up emotions can harm your mental health and lead to a higher risk of suicide, so East Herts Council has worked with mental health charity Mind in Mid Herts and Screaminggoatmedia on a film aimed at helping men to talk about mental health.

The five-minute film, which will be launched on July 9, features four men who share their experiences, and talk about how to "man up," in the sense of expressing their emotions.

Eric Buckmaster, executive member for health and wellbeing, said:   "This great short film features men talking about real experiences and how vital it is to express your emotions in order to deal with often difficult situations. We hope this will help men and women to have a  better understanding of men's mental health and how to tackle the challenges around this."

Watch the Man Up film now.

July 6