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Looking after the winter wildlife

Whether it's too much turkey or one too many servings of Christmas pud, we all over indulge during the festive season. However, there is still the reoccurring dilemma of what to do with the leftovers

Instead of throwing away any left over food, why not feed your feathered friends and give them their own Christmas dinner to remember.


But do keep in mind that not everything can be given to the birds, so proceed with caution as some foods should be avoided! For example: Mouldy and/or stale foods, salted foods, cooking fat from the turkey and other factors to consider.


For the top 10 bird feeding tips this winter, take a look at the RSPB website for more details when surprising your local wildlife to a Christmassy treat.

Alternatively read through RSPB's article: What will birds be eating for their Christmas dinner? - sharing you Christmas dinner with the birds.

Take a look at The Wildlife Trust's family friendly activity sheets for easy-to-follow guides to get you started on what to plant in your garden. This is a fun way to teach children 'How to help wildlife this Christmas', with lots of useful webpages and booklets too!

If in any unfortunate circumstance you witness a wild animal/bird become injured or in need of help, but you are struggling to seek guidance, then please visit the Tiggywinkles website for advanced advice.