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Homemade gifts for the home

Whether you're a novice or experienced crafter there are plenty of options for you this Christmas.

Festive Hamper (easy)

This is more assembly than craft, although you can get creative with how you present your gift and the wrapping of course. There are several themes you can follow to suit the person you're making for. Personally we like the Movie Night hamper. Choose your favourite film or a Christmas DVD, add some festive treats such as popcorn, sweets or hot chocolate, some fluffy socks and arrange everything together in a basket or box covered in Christmas wrapping paper. You can tailor your basket for families or couples and it is the perfect thing for the week between Christmas and New Year.

There are plenty of other hampers you can make. Take a look at the netmums website for some festive hamper inspiration.

Christmas Planter (a little tricky)

It may take a little bit of effort but a Christmas planter makes the perfect Christmas gift. First of all you will need a large plant pot or planter - these can easily be bought in any garden centre or you can reuse one you already have. Next step is to paint your pot, if you want a simpler look leave it plain. Place handful of gravel or broken pot in the bottom for drainage and fill your pot so it is two thirds full with compost. Next is the fun bit - plants. You can go for herbs - rosemary and sage work well, traditional winter planting such as pansies, primroses, cyclamen, and ivy, different grasses for a more modern look or even spring bulbs. Fill in the pot to just below the top with compost and top with gravel is you like. If you want to you can wrap ribbon around the pot or include some festive baubles or bells.

If you're looking for some inspiration take a look at the Gardener's World website.

Homemade Candles (a bit more effort)

With a little bit of effort you can make your own jam jar candles. You can buy all the materials you need online (Amazon and Hobbycraft are a good starting point). The Rock my Style website has a great tutorial for diy soy candles. There are a range of readymade fragrances you can add to your candles from the traditional vanilla to peppermint candy cane. Once your candles have set you can decorate the jars and package however you like to suit the recipient. It can be tricky to get started with this one, but once you get started it's addictive!