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Hertford town redesign enters next stage

Making Hertford town centre into the best it can be is the aim of the Hertford Urban Design Strategy. The strategy sets out a vision for the town centre and looks at how people get into and around the town.

A key element of this strategy is the redesign of Maidenhead Street to create a more pedestrian friendly environment for residents, shoppers and businesses, and we are about to enter the next phase of this project.

Earlier this year, East Herts Council, Hertford Town Council and Herts County Council asked residents and businesses for their views on Maidenhead Street.

The required improvements identified were:

  • Pedestrianising the street during daytime
  • Resurfacing the area in more appropriate materials
  • Redirecting the flow of traffic
  • Carrying out associated improvements to the parts of The Wash and Bull Plain at the top and bottom of the street.

From this feedback, a preliminary design has been developed, which outlines what the improvements could look like and how they could change the way the space is used. The next stage is for this design to go to Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) Consultation, which will begin this week.

HUDS Chairman Bob Deering said: "We are making great progress on this strategy to improve Hertford town centre for our residents, business and visitors, and would like to thank everyone for their input so far. We are now reaching a crucial stage in the process and hope it won't be long before we start to see real improvements on Maidenhead Street."

If you are interested in getting involved in the next stage of this process, keep your eyes peeled for more information on the TRO Consultation on Maidenhead Street from next week.

October 5 2017