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Pre Application Form

  1. Pre-Application Form
    1. Please ensure you have read the pre-application guidance notes before completing and submitting this form. This form allows you to attach proposed site layouts and drawings. Please note, the maximum total size of attachments is 10MB and if this is exceeded, the completed form will not come through to us

      After an application has been submitted, we will be in contact with you within 4 working days regarding payment

      For major schemes the Council will provide you with an individual fee estimate for the provision of advice, based on the initial assessment of your scheme, the issues it is likely to raise and the time required to fully consider it

      Please note, there are different costs depending on the type of pre-application.

      Please select which pre-application advice you require, please note you may wish to seek two different services, in which case please select all appropriate options
    2. Other development types
    3. Alternatively, you may be applying for follow up advice based on a previous pre-application
    4. Label