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During a Flood

During a flood it is important that you remain calm and safe.

Top tips for during a flood

  • Tune into your local radio station.
  • Fill clean containers with drinking water. 
  • Grab your flood kit, blankets, torch, first aid kit, medication and food.    
  • Move important documents, personal items, valuables, and lightweight belongings upstairs or to high shelves.  
  • Switch off water, gas and electricity at mains when water is about to enter your home. Do not touch sources of electricity when standing in water    
  • Put plugs in sinks and baths. Weigh them down with a pillowcase or plastic bag filled with soil.
  • If you do not have non-return valves fitted, plug water inlet pipes with towels or cloths    
  • Don't try to walk or drive through floodwater. Only six inches of fast flowing water can knock you over. Two feet of water will float your car. If you must go through flood water remember to go very slowly. The bow wave you create could cause flood water to go into someone's home. Manhole covers can be lifted in a flood and there may be other hazards you can't see.
  • Never try to swim in fast flowing water - you may get swept away or be struck by an object in the water.
  • Don't walk on sea defences, riverbanks or cross river bridges - they may collapse in extreme situations or you may be swept off by large waves or surges of water.
  • Avoid contact with floodwater - it may be contaminated with sewage.

For information on health issues with flooding view  Flooding: health guidance and advice - website.

You can also download this free  Flood Guide [1MB]  published by Zurich Insurance.

If your property is flooded please read our information on cleaning up after a flood.