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Request a Bigger Bin

Your household may be eligible for extra capacity in the form of a larger bin if it has six or more permanent residents in the household, if there are two or more children in nappies or someone within the household uses incontinence wear.

  1. Before applying for a larger bin, please ensure you are using all the recycling facilities available to your household.

    Your entitlement to the extra capacity will be reviewed on an annual basis.

    To apply for a larger bin, please complete the form below:

  2. Your Contact Details
  3. Further Information
    1. Please state the details of all permanent residents at this address
    2. I confirm that I am in need of a larger bin and I will contact the Council immediately if circumstances change *
  4. Data Protection Clause
    1. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 the information you supply the Council as part of your application will be used for the purposes of dealing with your request and retained as per our published data protection policy. From time to time this information may be shared with other Council departments and/or outside partners to process your request as effectively as possible.

      Please read our data protection policy (this link opens in a new window) and tick to confirm you agree with your data being used in this way.
    2. Please confirm *