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Patients resident in hospital

If your sole or main residence is in a hospital you may be disregarded for Council Tax purposes.

In these cases it will be the hospital that is liable to pay Council Tax, but the bill may qualify for discount disregard.

A hospital is classed as: An NHS hospital within the meaning of the National Health Service Acts or a military hospital.

To apply please complete our Hospital Patients - Council Tax Disregard form below.

  1. Application for a Person to be Disregarded for Discount Purposes
  2. Hospital Patients
    1. For guidance, the hospital must be

      i) a Health Service Hospital, within the meaning of the NHS Act 1977. (Private Nursing or Mental Care Homes that are licensed under the Registered Homes Act 1984, fall under the Patients in Nursing or Care Homes disregard for which a separate form is available.)

      ii) Sole or main residence as used in the above context is generally interpreted as those who do not retain their own homes and will remain in Hospital on a foreseeable permanent basis, and excludes those who stay in Hospital for only short periods. However all cases will be treated individually, and the Billing Authority will make a decision whether to disregard the person named for discount purposes after examining the circumstances and relevant regulations affecting the claim.
  3. Declaration
    1. Declaration
      1. WARNING - It is a criminal offence for a ratepayer to give false information when making an application related to Council Tax or Business Rates
  4. Data Protection Clause
    1. For the purposes of current data protection laws the information you supply the Council as part of your application will be used for the purposes of dealing with your request and retained as per our published corporate data protection privacy policy which can be found on the East Herts District Council Data Protection page (this link opens in a new window).

      From time to time this information may be shared with other Council departments and / or outside partners to process your request as effectively as possible. Please confirm you have read the above privacy notice
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