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Empty Homes Enforcement

When an owner does not work with us and the property remains empty we will consider using enforcement to bring it back into use.

Details of our overall approach to Empty Homes and our enforcement options are given in the Council's Empty Homes Strategy [289kb].

In summary our main options for enforcement are:

Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO)

  • With a confirmed CPO the Council can take over ownership of a property and will then either sell it or let it out to get it back in use.

Empty Dwelling Management Orders (EDMO)

  • These allow us to take on the management of the property letting it out to tenants.

Enforced Sale

  • We can force a sale of a property to recover an outstanding debt to the Council (eg unpaid Council Tax or where we have had to carry out repairs or other work)

If you have concerns over our possible use of enforcement for your property or to discuss any advice and support we can offer please contact the Empty Homes Officer at East Herts Council by telephone on 01992 531502 or email

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