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Pest Control

East Herts Council offers a professional and discreet pest control service to domestic and commercial premises within the District.

Who is responsible for pest control?

Home owners

If the infestation is in your property and the property is owned by you, then you're responsible for pest control and would need to pay the domestic rate.


If you rent your property and the rodents have entered due to a structural defect ie drain / holes under kitchen sink etc. the landlord should pay for this at the commercial rate; as they as the owner of the building are ultimately responsible for the buildings condition.

In communal areas the managing agent or landlord is normally responsible for maintenance issues such as pest control and therefore they would need to contact us. The work would then be charged at the commercial rate.

Business Premises

If you are calling on behalf of a business then any pest control treatment will be at the commercial rate.

The council offers annual pest control contracts for commercial premises, these are priced on an individual basis, for more information, or to arrange a quote, please call us on 01279 655261.

Pest Control Charges as of 1 April 2017


Domestic Premises*
Price includes VAT

Commercial Premises#
excluding VAT

Commercial Premises#
 including VAT

Wasps (one nest) Before contacting the council about Wasps please read our information about Wasps and Bees.

£60.00**  Paid in advance



Ants (one nest)




Additional nests (if treated at same time)

£22.00 per nest

£18.00 per nest

£21.60 per nest


£60.00 per job**

£64:00  first hour

Plus £32.00 each additional half hour

£76.80 first hour

Plus £38.40 each additional half hour


£60.00 per job

Additional charge for drain smoke test if required £60.00

(maximum 3 visits)

£64.00 first hour

Plus £32.00 each additional half hour

£76.80 first hour

Plus £38.40 each additional half hour


£100.00 per job**

£64.00 per hour or part hour

£76.80 per hour or part  hour


£60.00 per hour**

£64.00 per hour or part hour

£76.80 per hour or part  hour

Cluster fly infestation

£76.00 per job **

£64.00 per hour or part hour

£76.80 per hour or part  hour


£100.00 per job**

£64.00 per hour or part hour

£76.80 per hour or part  hour

Bed bugs

£210.00 per job (maximum of 3 visits)
£76.00 for additional visits**

£64.00 per hour or part hour

£76.80 per hour or part  hour

Return Visit Charge (Rats/Mice) where advice not followed




Call out charge - Visit for advice only**

£30.00 per half hour

£64.00 per hour or part hour

£76.80 per hour or part  hour

*The charge is reduced if you are on means tested benefits (income based job seekers allowance, income support, council tax support, housing benefit, pension credit) You must be able to prove, prior to treatment taking place that you are in receipt of the relevant housing benefit or Council Tax benefit.

**A call-out charge may be made where a visit is made and treatment is not carried out (ie where the client insists on a visit in respect of a wasps' nest and on inspection it is found that there is no nest to treat).

# A contract service available per annum, subject to negotiation.

Please note:

  • rat and mouse treatment is in the form of poison baits. We will not undertake any building or other works, such as removing floorboards or tiles, in order to carry out treatment
  • wasp treatment is in the form of a insecticidal dust. We do not normally remove wasp nests after treatment.

For more information on specific pest problems is available from the British Pest Control Association.

Pest Control services not provided by the council

Bats - If you have a problem with Bats please contact the Bat Conservation Trust

Foxes - The Fox Website can provide information on fox deterrence

Pigeons - Responsibility for protecting property from pigeon damage is exclusively with the owner of the property.

If you would like a free quote for installing a bird proofing system on a building please contact us for advice and further information