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Bridges - traffic type, details and ownership

Request Description

Please could you supply us with an up to date information about all bridges within administrative boundaries

a) A list of every bridge in the borough (including foot bridges & viaducts) where a road passes over or under a railway (including tramlines), another road, or over a water course, making clear which, and sorting by type/usage.

b) Bridge locations as defined by associated ELR code, bridge numbers and Mileage.

c) Bridge description

d) Any weight limit which applies

e) An explanation of the general principle for the determining of responsibility for maintaining a road bridge over or under a railway or water course, such as that the railway or water authority is responsible where the road goes under and the highway authority where it goes over.

f) The owner of the structure, or where that is shared, the parties involved. Where only one or some is known, give those, and a brief explanation.

g) The party or parties responsible for maintaing the bridge in a safe state and a brief note on any division in responsibility

I would appreciate sufficient information to determine the type and usage of the bridge. For example, whether it is an under- or overbridge, and what, if any, non-rail traffic uses the bridge. Any other data availed will be appreciated

Request Date17 October 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date    





17 October 2016   

RefusalHertfordshire County Council responsibility