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IT/ICT technical training courses or any other training

Request Description

Q1. Have you purchased any IT / ICT technical training courses or any other training Since April 2016 from; 

QA training or QA limited ( or any related businesses) 
Rath House
55-65 Uxbridge Road
SL1 5SG 

Or any other of QA's offices ? 

Q2. If so, please state what specific training services have been purchased and the exact monetary amount spent and what dates were these purchases made since April 2016?

Q3. Who are the decision makers or buyers ( provide name, job title, email address and direct phone number) who have purchased this IT/ICT technical training course or any other training Since April 2016?

Q4. How much money has been spent with QA limited, QA training, QA Group, QA apprenticeships (or associated/related businesses) since April 2016 by entity?

Q5. Have you purchased any pre-paid training credits before the financial year is coming to an end and then used the training courses in a next financial year?

Q6. Please provide exact details of all the courses or training purchased under the pre-paid credits?

Q7. What specific procurement processes were followed to award QA the training contracts?  

Q8. Provide copies of all the contracts awarded to QA in the last 3 years?

Q9. Which other training providers were short listed before these individual contracts were awarded? List by contract.

Q10. What is the current process for procuring training services? 

Q11. What is the complaints procedure for raising breaches in procurement processes?  Example: creating one dominate supplier, awarding contracts without a fairness and transparency and not seeking to obtain best value for money.

Q12. What training is yet to be purchased up to 1st April 2017? 

Q13  Please give specific details of courses, locations number and number of delegates who require to attend the training courses until 1st of April 2017?

Request Date4 October 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

 8 November 2016    

Response East Herts have purchased no IT technical training from any providers in the past 3 years