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Parking - Church Street, Hertford

Request Description

I have contacted HCC regarding the unclear road markings in Church Street, Hertford (Off Fore Street).  If you are standing in Fore Street looking up Church Street to the right hand side there is parking allowed towards the top two thirds of the road but at the entrance there is a yellow line that goes round the corner of Fore Street into Church Street and then stops.  It is the next  bit of road that I believe is unclearly marked as people tend to think that the parking restrictions have ceased and the rest of the road is parking.  It would appear that this is not the case and I, amongst many other hundreds of people,  have been caught and fined for parking in a  restricted area.  

I was told at the time (which was a good eight or nine years ago) that road works had taken place and that although the yellow lines had not been put back there was clear signs on the pavement advising where the restrictions ended and the parking began.  I do not believe the signs are clear and that given every time I go to Hertford I see some other poor person who has made the same mistake as me, I feel you should extend the yellow line to the end of the restricted area or take the yellow line away all together.

Under the freedom of information act I would like to know how many people have been fined for parking in the space between the yellow lines ending and the authorised parking area begins.

Request Date4 October 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date