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Agency spend for supply teachers per school

Request Description

I am interested in the amounts paid by each school in East Hertfordshire District Council in relation to temporary teacher staffing cover / agency costs.

My hope is to receive an electronic breakdown of amounts paid by each school from the Consistent Financial Reporting System for each school. The specific CFR codes I would like to examine are CFR02 - Supply Teachers and CFR26 - Agency Supply Staff. In addition could you please include the number of pupils (enrollment size) at each school in another column.

I would like the information in an electronic format MS Excel please.

The information I require for each school is: School name, CFR02 annual total and CFR26 annual total.

If possible, please could the spend be broken down by primary, secondary, Nursery and Special Needs schools and/or any other classification of school as well?

I would like the information to cover the year 2015/2016. 

Request Date16 September 2016
Requested byIndividual
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16 September 2016                                                           

RefusalHertfordshire County Council responsibility