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Presdales Recreational Ground

Request Description

I wish to have sight of all the paperwork to do historically with the land and what alterations you have made to the original rights granted with the land.  This includes all the current meeting regarding the hiring of the field, the contract given to Everyone Active to manage the recreational facility and also confirm who is managing the opening/closing of the gate .

Request Date6 September 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

12 September 2016


Everyone Active manage the access to the car park; locking and unlocking of the gates, hiring of the football pitches and cleaning of the football changing rooms during the football season.

At present the gate to the recreation grounds car park is opened at 7am and locked at 7pm, this continues until the end of September, from October to February the gates are opened from 7:30am to 5pm, the council's web page has been corrected to show these times operated by Everyone Active. The many pedestrian access points into the recreation ground are never locked.

In the deed of conveyance no requirement was placed upon the authority (at that point the urban district council of Ware which later became part of East Herts) to grant access to the land other than to the vendor and their successors the only other requirements being the erection of fencing and that the land not be used for residential development

The request for sight of all paperwork regarding the Presdales site including emails, minutes etc would be considered manifestly unreasonable as defined by regulation 12 (4) (b).

In order to locate and collate all documents relating to the site would require a manual review of documents since the land was sold to the council in 1963 and an individual search of  electronic communications to identify relevant data and would be manifestly unreasonable regarding the time and the impact on day to day leisure services management as a result of this. The council has performed a public interest test as part of reaching this conclusion.