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Parking contracts

Request Description

Can you please advise what arrangements are in place for the management of the following services: -

· Parking enforcement and ticketing

· Car parks management

· Pay and display

· Parking  machine cash collection

Please provide details for both on-street and off-street parking.

If some, or all, elements are managed in-house please say so. If any elements, or the whole service, are contracted out to a third-party company can you tell me the details for each as follows: -

1. The name of the contractor

2. Start date of the contract

3. Contract term (plus any extension options not yet exercised)

4. End data of contract

5. Annual value of the contract

6. Full description of the services covered (e.g. back-office, on-street ticketing, council car parks etc.)

Request Date6 September 2016
Requested byBusiness
Released Date  

20 October 2016        


1. Parking enforcement on-street and in the Council's car parks is carried out on the Council's behalf by NSL. The contract began on 17 January 2012 and will end on 16 January 2019. The maximum extension allowed in the contract, 1yr + 1yr was granted, giving the expiry date of 2019. The annual value of the contract is commerically confidentail. The services covered include on-street and off-street parking enforcement and 'pay and display' machine maintenance and cash collection.

2. The Council's car parks are enforced by NSL; however maintenance of the infrastructure of the car park (e.g. surface, signs, lines) is undertaken by the Council.

3. The Council has just procured new 'pay and display' machines for its car parks. (We do not have any on-street 'pay and display'). The machines will be supplied by Cale Briparc. Once the year one warranty has expired, front line maintenance of the machines will be undertaken by the Council's enforcement contractor, NSL.

4. Car park cash collection and banking is undertaken by the Council's enforcement contractor, NSL.