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Scanning cats killed by cars for microchips

Request Description

When a cat is hit and killed by a vehicle, it is devastating for their owners. But sometimes, when a cat goes missing, its owners may never find out if they are lost or have been killed in a road accident. There is no closure for the owners and their feelings of loss may go on and on.

After a Care2 petition, some councils have agreed to scan the bodies of any deceased cats they find for microchips. They're then able to inform the owners, and keep a record in case owners get in touch with them.

Can you tell me if our council does the same? Don't let cat owners be left with no closure for their loss. If we don't already, please can you introduce a policy of scanning deceased pets for microchips, informing owners and keeping records of animals killed by vehicles?

Request Date24 August 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

1 September 2016

ResponseWe have previously published a response to a similar request here: F16/570‚Äč