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Business Rates

Request Description

I am looking to get the information of the business rates charged for 23-25 Maidenhead Street in Hertford while the property was dormant which I estimate to be between 2002-2015. During my research I have been able to find similar information from different councils and so I hope you can assist me with this matter. 

Request Date22 August 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

1 September 2016 


The Property was charged unoccupied rates from 1 Oct 2006

In the rating year 2006/07 £7,882.38 unoccupied rates relief was granted in accordance with Rating law

In the year 2007/08 £10,767.00 unoccupied rates relief was granted.

From the financial year 2008/09 in accordance with change in rating law for unoccupied premises a full charge was levied. As the hereditament was not eligible to receive any other reliefs or exemptions after the 50% charge for unoccupied commercial properties was abolished on 1 April 2008