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Disaster Recovery

Request Description

Question 1: Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place to protect data?

Answer: Yes / No / Don't know

Question 2: Have you got a set time in which you have to recover lost data by?  

Answer: Yes / No / Don't know

Question 2a: If yes, how long is this period? 

Answer: Less than 1 hour / 1-2 hours / Half a day / 1 day or more / Other (please state) / Don't know

Question 3: Is there an agreement in place between the council and your current IT provider that states a timeframe for the recovery of lost data?

Answer: Less than 1 hour / 1-2 hours / Half a day / 1 day or more / Other (please state) / Don't know

Question 4: In the last 12 months, how many times have you had to use a disaster recovery plan and how long did it take you to recover data? 


Question 5: In the next 12 months, does your council plan to increase, decrease or not change spending on disaster recovery?  

Answer: Increase / Decrease / No change / Don't know

Question 6: Do you have a central resource to manage your disaster recovery across multiple departments? 

Answer: Yes / No / Don't know

Request Date22 August 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date