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Air Pollution and Schools

Request Description

Please find our FOI request below, can we receive the response by email?

1. How many air pollution monitors are actively recording and measuring air pollution levels in East Hertfordshire?

2. What pollutants do these monitors measure? (if different for each monitor please provide breakdown)

3. How many of these air pollution monitors are within 10 metres of a primary or secondary school? If possible please provide co-ordinates of schools.

4. Are primary and secondary schools considered as priority locations when you are choosing where to put air pollution monitors?

5. How many children do you estimate attend primary and secondary schools in East Hertfordshire?

Request Date12 August  2016
Requested byOrganisation
Released Date  

26 September 2016           


1. There are 48 diffusion tubes monitoring at 20 sites across the district.  There is also a continuous air quality monitoring station next to the car park on Gascoyne Way in Hertford.

2. The diffusion tubes monitor Nitrogen Dioxide.  The continuous monitor measures Nitrogen Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides, PM10 and PM2.5.   

3.  There are no monitors within 10m of a school

4. Primary and Secondary schools have not been considered priority locations when choosing  where to put pollution monitors. 

5. This is information that would be held by Herts County council we do not hold this information