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GSK, Ware

Request Description

Please can you disclose public planning permissions submittals by GSK for future building and any future road closures they will impose.  

If you can also please disclose the pollution caused by GSK, where pollutant waste is dumped, and how they abide by the clean air act/ have they ever broken criteria to meet this ?

Also what hours of operation does the GSK site run ?

Request Date9 August  2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

1 September 2016           


There are no current live pre-application submissions for GSK.  All formal planning submissions from the company are public and can be viewed on the Councils website.  The Council, in its planning function, has no specific information with regard to any future expansion plans by the company over and above formal planning proposals and previous pre-application submissions.

There are no processes at GSK that require permitting.  Information on compliance with the relevant air pollution can be found in the planning files for the recent installation of CHP plants. 

Hours of operation are also normally included in planning applications where noise etc is thought to be a factor

To locate planning documents related to this site please visit

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