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use of body cameras

Request Description

1. Does your council use body worn cameras?

i. If the answer is yes please indicate whether this is part of a trial or if the technology has been adopted on a permanent basis.

2. How many body worn cameras has your council purchased and how much has been spent?

3. Which job roles and which departments are using body worn cameras?

4. Did your council complete a privacy impact assessment before trialling or implementing body worn cameras?

i. If so please provide a copy. 

5. Please provide the make, model and manufacturer of the body worn cameras you have purchased.

6. Where and for how long is the footage held?

7. Please provide documentation relating to the results of any trial of body worn cameras that your force has undertaken. 

Request Date2 August 2016
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Released Date  

15 September 2016          


1.  The Council's Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) wear bodycams when engaged in parking enforcement activities. They can be switched on by the CEO should he or she encounter a situation where he/she considers it would be beneficial to record the event in sound and vision.

2.  The Council's parking enforcement contractor has 17 bodycams.

3.  Bodycams are used by the Council's CEOs (who are employed by an external contractor).

4.  Yes. 

5.  The cameras are manufactured by a company called Edesix.

6.  Records are kept for 30 days on a secure hard drive.

7.  Not applicable in respect of the Counci's Parking Services.