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Public Space Protection Orders

Request Description

1. Please state how many Public Space Protection Orders the council currently has in place.

2. Of the question 1 figure, please state how many of these PSPOs simply replicate pre-existing Dog Control Orders, Gating Orders, or Designated Public Place Orders.

Notes to question 2 - PSPOs that "simply replicate pre-existing" orders means that the PSPO in question has the same terms and scope (cosmetic changes aside) as the previous order. If the area that the previous order covered was extended under the PSPO, or more prohibited/regulated behaviour was added under the PSPO, then it should not be considered to be replicating a pre-existing order for the purposes of this question.

3. Of the question 1 figure, and excluding the PSPOs referred to in question 2, how many of these PSPOs relate *solely* to dog control (in the manner of a Dog Control Order), alcohol consumption (in the manner of a DPPO), or public access to public rights of way (in the manner of Gating Orders)?

Notes to question 3 - this figure must exclude all PSPOs included in the response to question 2. It should include "new" Dog Control Orders, DPPOs and Gating Orders introduced as PSPOs under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 - but only if they *solely* concern this behaviour, and not if they include this behaviour in a broader PSPO covering other behaviour as well.

4. For the PSPOs counted for the question 1 figure - but excluding those PSPOs counted for the question 2 figure or the question 3 figure - please provide details of each PSPO, including the date it was implemented, the area it covers, the activities it regulates or prohibits, and the reasons for its introduction. Please include a copy of each PSPO.

Notes to question 4 - this is simply asking for the requested details of all PSPOs that are not *solely* Dog Control Orders, DPPOs or Gating Orders.

5. Please state how many convictions or sanctions have so far been issued under each PSPO listed in response to question 4. If possible please break this figure down by which part of each PSPO was breached in each case, and whether the penalty was a fine or a conviction.

Notes to question 5 - if the council cannot provide the information requested in question 5 within the section 12 cost limit, please state that the information is "not held" and respond to the remainder of this request. If the data is held by the local police force rather than by the council, please pass on this specific part of my request (ie question 5) to the police force in question.

6. Please provide details of any PSPOs the council is currently proposing or considering, including the dates they would be implemented from, the areas they would cover, the activities they would regulate or prohibit, and the reasons for their proposed introduction.

Request Date1 August 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

2 September 2016         


1. 10

2. 0


3. Dog control -2

Alcohol consumption - 1

4. Failing to produce a receptacle for picking up dog faeces - you must produce a means to pick up your dog's waste when asked to do so by an authorised officer.

  • Using a mechanically propelled vehicle or device in a disorderly or anti-social manner on any land (public or private) within the District.
  • Failure to surrender possession when asked of any new psychoactive substances (commonly known as legal highs) or drug that is not alcohol or tobacco on any land within the district - where its use in a public place is likely to result in anti-social behaviour.
  • Shouting, swearing, screaming or making unnecessary noise where alcohol restrictions are in place - you must stop this behaviour upon request of an authorised officer.

For more detail and link to the Order view:  PSPO

5. None - still in the process of education of the new PSPOs.

6. None