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Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs)

Request Description

I would like to request the following information:

The following questions relate to applications for Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) for assistance with the impact of the April 2013 Housing Benefit changes for social rented sector tenants, during the current financial year.

1)        How many disabled applicants successfully received DHP monies in each year since the financial year 2010/11?

2)        What is the total number of DHP applications received to date (disabled and non-disabled)

3)        How many applicants have been awarded a DHP to date (disabled and non-disabled)?

4)        How many applicants have been refused a DHP to date (disabled and non-disabled)?

5)        How many DHP applications are still being processed (disabled and non-disabled)?

6)        On average, how long does processing a DHP application take, from receiving the application to providing the final decision to the applicant?

7)        What is the most common reason that your council is refusing a DHP?

8)        Do you include a person's Disability Living Allowance as part of their household income?

9)        What figure has the Government given for your DHP fund in each financial year since 2010/11?

10)      What is the shortest period of time you have awarded a DHP for?   

11)      How many repeat DHP applicants have you administered funding to?

10)     How much money from DHP is being used for DFG money?

Request Date26 July 2016
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