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Parking Issues

Request Description

I would like to know:

- How many unpaid parking fines there have been over the last five years and the cost. (if figures don't go back as far as five years, just back to when you do have them)

- Number of attacks on traffic wardens you have recorded (same time period)

Request Date7 July 2016
Requested byMedia
Released Date  

8 August 2016   


Part 1

The number of unpaid penalty charges is shown below as requested. For the purpose of this exercise 'unpaid' is interpreted as penalty charges that include vehicles not registered with DVLA, cases that have been written off due to warrant expiring, motorist moving home and not changing details with DVLA or still unpaid and continuing to progress through the enforcement process.

2012/2013 - 1317

2013/2014 - 1425

2014/2015 - 1492

2015/2016 - 1892

For Part 2 

Could the inquirer please clarify what is meant by 'cost'? For example, do you mean the theoretical value of the unpaid penalty charges? This cannot be regarded as a 'cost' to the local authority.

Part 3 of this request was a total of assaults received on Civil Enforcement Officers

East Herts Council works in partnership with Stevenage Borough Council and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council. It has been possible to supply figures for East Herts only for part 1 of this request, figures for assaults cannot be separated out by individual Council.

Assaults are recorded under two elements; Code red (physical assaults) and code yellow (verbal assaults)

2013-     Code red             12          Code yellow       11

2014-     Code red             5            Code yellow       14

2015-     Code red             5            Code yellow       14