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Refuse vehicle dimensions


We would like to receive the vehicle specification data sheets for the refuse vehicle used within the East Hertfordshire Districtas well as any additional information you possess regarding the following:

· Maximum reverse distance of refuse vehicles

· Maximum distance collection crews are to drag the bins from the bin store to the refuse vehicle 

Request Date

27 June 2016

Requested byBusiness
Released Date  

8 August 2016


Data sheet for our waste vehicles in downloads section below.

Maximum reversing distance for a waste vehicle.

There is no maximum distance for a waste vehicle to reverse. Evidence from the HSE website will show that the waste industry continues to be the most dangerous with the exception of the agricultural industry which has a lot of issues with workers being on their own. Fatalities often involve moving vehicles and even vehicles fitted with audible reversing warnings are not herd by pedestrian wearing headphones. Where possible all efforts should be made to ensure a vehicle does not have to reverse.

Maximum distance to move waste containers to collection vehicle.

Waste storage areas should be easily accessible to vehicles. Moving containers more than 5 metres can be avoided through building design. Additional movement causes delay having a knock on effect to the collection round and adds cost to the contract. The greater the distance from the vehicle, the greater the risk to the operative collecting the container. Additional issues such as vehicles blocking access and overfilled containers add to the problems of servicing. Consideration is not given for the number of containers that are collected in a day. Problems with contamination, over full containers and vehicles blocking access are all increased when the distance from vehicle to bin store is more than five metres.

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