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DBS Checks


Please could you confirm the following:

1) How you request your DBS Checks currently? Paper or Online?

2) Do you use a third party or request them direct with the DBS?

3) If you use a third party, which company is it? When did you start using them? How much do you pay per Enhanced Disclosure? Is the provider decided by a tender process, if not who is the individual within the council that makes the decision?

4) How many DBS checks did you request between 1st Jan 14 - 31st Dec 14?

5) Do you provide an umbrella body service to organisations?

6) If so, please can you list the names of the organisations. Please include a primary contact name and telephone.

Request Date

20 June 2016

Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

5 July 2016


1) Online

2)  Third Party

3) UKCRBS, April 2016 £51.80. Yes

4) 230 Basic Disclosures

5) No

6) N/A

Refused Date